Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, the decision of where to go to law school is getting harder to make, which is, I suppose, a good thing.

I've been accepted full-time to Cincinnati and also just received an out-of-state scholarship to Kentucky (this just means that I only ever have to pay in-state tuition).

I think we would prefer to live in CT over KY or OH, but here's the rub: According to, Cincinnati graduates' first year median salary in the private sector of '06 was $90,000 compared to $70,000 for those from UCONN in '05. Are these numbers somewhat nebulous and perhaps not comparing apples to apples? I simply don't know.

Next, aside from starting salary and place of residence, factor in tuition. UCONN's overall cost of tuition full-time and part-time are $74,130 and $64,560, respectively. Cincinnati fills in at $71,066, but with a scholarship at Kentucky, I could sneak by with a substantially discounted $41,994.

I guess a lot of it will really come down to where we want to live and what job prospects I'll receive in the future.

From the information I've listed and assuming I don't get any other offers, where do you think I should go?

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