Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just When Gmail Couldn't Get Any Awesomer

Yes, F-Word, you knew this post was coming, and no, my boss at Qualtrics who also works at Google Asia isn't paying me for it (although I always welcome PayPal donations graciously).

We've all experienced it: you send a pretty important email to a high profile contact, only to remember at the last second that you left off a word or said something completely inane.

What was the previous remedy? To simply cross your fingers, fold your arms, and hope in the name of all that is good and decent that the recipient wouldn't notice the gaffe, wouldn't care, or would be mysteriously found at the bottom of a lake somewhere in Minnesota (not at your hands, though, of course). I hear they have a lot of those.

Some people are so meticulous and astute they've never been human enough to send a goofed up email in their life . . .

For the rest of us, there's Mastercard. Er, I mean, there's Gmail Labs' Undo Send.

Yep, it means exactly what it says; you can recall an email you just sent from being sent. If you have the wherewithal to notice the oversight within five seconds (which can seem like an eternity once you've kicked the pooch) that you sent that important law school an email with a link to your blog in it, you can now mend your ways!

Clicking the "Undo" button will take you safely home back to Kansas, er, to your compose window where all will be well in Taylorsville.

That's right, F-Word, even Hermoine Granger couldn't come up with a time turner this miraculous.

(Let me know if you need help on figuring it out and the CA will be more than happy to help.)

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