Saturday, June 12, 2010

Awesome Google Docs Labs in Gmail

Gmail labs is pretty cool.  I currently have 16 labs enabled (all below - listed alphabetically).  But I want to focus on Google Docs labs:  a) "Create a Document," b) "Google Docs gadget," and c) "Google Docs preview in mail."

Create a Document.  While working on projects, I like to refer to instructions or conversations found in a related email.  Sometimes I want to mark them up or expand on them, but this isn't possible with emails.  However, with Create a Document enabled, I can create a doc consisting of every email in the current conversation (how Gmail does emails).  Additionally, I can create a new Google doc right from Gmail - I just press "g" and then "w."  (Gmail keyboard shortcuts must be enabled in settings.)

Google Docs gadget.  There's not much to say beyond the summary below, but it's nice to have a little compendium of my recent docs and a quick place to search for them.  (Update:  I've decided I'm not a huge fan of this lab - it's largely duplicative, takes up space, is distracting, and includes items I've trashed, in the list.)

Google Docs preview in mail.  If you'd like a quick peek at a Google Doc, you can preview it right in Gmail.

I hope this helps you enjoy Google Docs more.  Please let me know if I you have questions about the labs I've covered or any I've enabled below.

Enabled Labs
Authentication icon for verified senders
by E R

Displays a key icon next to authenticated messages from certain senders that spammers attempt to fake. Currently works for mail from PayPal and eBay only.

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Canned Responses
by Chad P

Email for the truly lazy. Save and then send your common messages using a button next to the compose form. Also automatically send emails using filters.

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Create a Document
by Jeremie LE & David K

Allows you to create a Google Document from an email conversation or a new blank document if your keyboard shortcuts are enabled by hitting 'g' then 'w'.

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Don't forget Bob
by Ari L, Naty L & Ron M

Once you pick some email recipients, Gmail suggests more people you might want to include based on the groups of people you email most often.

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Google Docs gadget
by Claudia C and Ted C

Adds a box in the left column which displays your Google Docs. Shows recent docs, starred docs, and has fast search.

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Google Docs previews in mail
by Steven S, Jim M, Bob B, and Ted C

Shows previews of documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly in the email when you receive any link to a Google Doc. Also gives an option to open directly in Google Docs.

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Google Maps previews in mail
by Mark K

Shows Google Map previews of all the addresses found in an email.
Google Voice player in mail
by Robert D

Lets you play voicemails left on your Google Voice account right from the email notification.

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Got the wrong Bob?
By Assaf B.D. & Naty L

Doh, have you ever addressed an email too quickly, and included Bob (your boss) instead of Bob (your friend) by accident? If you're emailing more than two people at once, Gmail will check if you meant to include Bob Smith rather than Bob Jones based on the groups of people you email most often.

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Inserting images
by Kent T

Allows you to insert images into a message body. You can upload and insert image files in your computer, or insert images by URLs. This lab will not work if you have offline enabled.

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Navbar drag and drop
by Anatol P

Allows you to reorder the items in your navbar using drag and drop.

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Picasa previews in mail
by Dan, Stanley, Mark & Umesh

Shows photos previews whenever you receive a Picasa link in an email.

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Undo Send
by Yuzo F

Oops, hit "Send" too soon? Stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.

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Christy said...

I love google docs. It has really been helping me to be more organized with my "to be" web page.