Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free VoIP on Google Voice

That's right, faithful reader (singular intended), with a few work-around steps, you too can now have a free VoIP soft phone using your very own Google Voice account.

As the details are admittedly intricate in some spots, I'll leave them to Lifehacker (thanks, guys):

Just make dang sure that you have a phone number listed under where it says, "Phone Numbers" (the one beneath the green section).  You may need to go to "Phone Numbers" up in the top-left and then something like "Buy Phones."  But don't worry, your "first" (and only) phone number is free.

Here's the best part:  Sipgate (the service required to pull this off, at the moment) offers free inbound calls!

Why does this matter?  Using Google Voice, you will always technically be calling your Sipgate number when you place a call and forwarding to your Sipgate number when someone calls your Google Voice number.

The point is, your Sipgate number doesn't need to be known by anyone (even you) since Google Voice does all the work for you.  Heck, I even have some random CA number!  CA for the CA, I guess.

Mind you, the service is not exactly perfect at the moment, but the price is definitely right.

If you feel like I did after pulling this off, you may want to play this song in triumph.  Just don't let it go to your head, and remember the CA when you're basking in free VoIP goodness.

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Christy said...

Right, we still need to set this up for me. Maybe we can do that for family home evening.