Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running Chrome OS on My Laptop . . . Sorta

Today I realized something:  I may not truly have Chrome OS on my laptop, but I can pretend like I do.

Yes, since I've virtually vowed Office out of my life and taken the Google Docs/Chrome OS/Life in the cloud plunge, I decided to start transitioning myself toward a true Chrome OS experience.

What did I do?  Two things, basically.  1) I installed a digital clock extension in Chrome (I always like to know what the time is - you can see it next to my Google Voice icon) and 2) I reverted the Windows 7 taskbar back down to the bottom of the screen and set it to auto-hide.  (If essentially the only "window" I have open is Chrome, why do I want the taskbar cluttering up my screen real estate?)

So there you have it.  

Since basically the only program not available to me in Chrome was Office, and because I now use Google Docs instead (as much as I conceivably can - I've been essentially sequestered at work - grr), my transition is nearly complete.

Now I just need an official Chrome OS machine and the actual OS itself.  

Sadly, I don't think the wife is going to let me burn a whole in my pocket anytime soon (and, admittedly, she's right not too . . .  Chrome OS isn't out until sometime this fall!).

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Christy said...

I think that the digital clock is really cool.