Sunday, June 6, 2010


Okay, for all of you American Idol fans out there, you are going to be so wicked jealous of Yours Truly.

Yesterday morning, my wife forced (okay, how about cajoled?) me out of my computer cave, we scooped up the Beast (in her cute violet dress) and headed out for about two and a half hours of interestingness.

With all the numbers slapped on people's fronts, a European woman complaining about the complexity of the forms, some woman knitting in the final waiting room and trying to force her 6-year-old daughter to sing, via cellphone, for $1, Maria nesting herself in a small, plastic (and makeshift), "please recycle" container (gosh, I wish we had a camera for that one!), interestingly dressed contestants, the knitting woman tossing me a ball of cat-like yarn for Maria to bat around, and Simon Cowell reducing my wife to tears, it was almost as exciting as the rock-on and I-luv-U signs depicted above.  (On second thought, isn't the one in the middle supposedly the sign of the devil?)

Yes, eat your heart out, AIers.

Oh, I almost forgot, Simon Cowell wasn't there and the three judges were actually quite nice.

Christy sang Quando Men Vo - La Boheme in front of "three big wigs," and about ten other people comprised of vocal coaches, singers of the opera house, and acting teachers.  It was awesome; I could hear her from the knitting, er, waiting room.  She got to meet a couple of the people who run the Cincinnati Opera House and they were very supportive.

Christy felt pleased with her performance because the judges said she had a, "huge, grandiose voice" and that she doesn't need to worry about her voice so much as her "acting" (since when are opera singers known for their acting?).

And she was one of about 8-10 voices, of the contestants I heard, I could actually hear through the walls.  Tre impresive, no?

It was her first-ever audition!  Aside from dragging me out of a computing slumber to fulfill my spousal duties, I'm so proud of her!!


Fletch said...

Awesome. Just when I've thrown you under the bus for not having any fun. Hope it goes well!

Christy said...

I like the opera guy. Yeah, it was fun and I'm glad I had you there because I was pretty oblivious to what was going on around us.

Cougar Abogado said...

Yes, F-Word. You haven't experienced fun until you've tried keeping your one-year-old daughter from going berserk and freaking out a bunch of edgy opera singers.

Pam said...

Job well done to Christy for her singing performance! That's terrific! And job well done to Daniel for keeping Maria at bay under the circumstances! Very cool....and nice write-up, Daniel!