Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Waiting

Today we got a letter from GW inviting me to be on the wait list there. It's by far my best prospect (commonly ranked #20), so Christy and I are pretty stoked.

Here's the only rub: we might not find out if I'm in until like August! Rough.

I'm ready to make it clear that I'm very interested in GW; however, I do still have about 14 schools to hear from . . . It's a hard knock life.

Aside from the obvious prestige and potential salary, there's the cost of tuition (duh) and the cost of living. As far as the former is concerned, GW's part-time program is about $40,000 more (overall) than UCONN's full-time program.

I'm going to ask the BYU pre-law advisor if she has any advice.

Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts as well.


Pam said...

Terrific news! A compliment to you, regardless of your decision. Lots to consider, but the good news is you have some time (perhaps till August) to consider it! Congrats, Pam & Kent

Keith said...

GW needs to know they are getting the closer of the largest deal in Qualtrics history!!!!!!! and subsequently the most prideful

Tara Lynn said...

I am excited to see your blog! I only wish that we could have gotten to spend more time with you and Christy before we moved. We were a little anti-social for the few months before we left, though. :) Congratulations on the little one coming your way! Hope Christy and Maria are both healthy and happy and stay that way.
Tara Hassell (downstairs neighbors from 8A