Sunday, January 11, 2009

The CA is a Rockstar!!

At least to my unborn daughter. Okay, so maybe my wife putting headphones on her stomach and playing a long-winded clip of her husband yapping like a 90-year-old geriatric isn't exactly the stuff dreams are made of. However, did you know that your little one can begin to recognize your voice as early as 24-25 weeks? "So what's with the headphones?" you say.

Well, we're all about preventing as opposed to repairing. In other words, since Maria will be plenty used to hearing mom talk and sing (and goad), it's beneficial to get her used to her old man's tone of voice as well. Hopefully, by the time she's out of the oven, she will have warmed up to me enough to let me hold her for more than two minutes without screaming bloody murder. Recent fathers, you know what I'm talking about.

So in conclusion, sorry to throw you another bummer of a curve ball. But hey, at least this is a solution that any of you can implement (so long as you have at least a decent pair of headphones and some kind of recording device). Happy yakking!

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