Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Sunday's (1/25) Spiritual Experience: Ye Must Become as Little Children

This one's straight out of my journal:

Sunday was an uplifting day. In the second hour (Doctrine and Covenants study), a sign-up sheet was passed around to see if anyone would be willing, if needed, to sub for Primary. And wouldn’t ya know it, a few minutes later we were asked to substitute! We were entrusted with the CTR 7’s (or in other words, the children who will be turning 7). It was a wonderful experience. I love how bright-eyed and excited the children are to learn and how much energy they have. They are such tender plants who only need to be nurtured properly and they will grow up in the light of truth and understanding. I can’t wait for my own little Maria, to teach her carefully and to wrap her in my arms!

(Note the Maria countdown on the right) =D

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