Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Prenatal Experience

Have any of you ever gone through the hardcore, six hour crash course to pregnancy? As of yesterday morning-afternoon, I have. Yes, the eyes on the ant to the left are also reticent of my own expressions yesterday.

To be candid, I don't remember 95% of what was said, but I do remember sobering up about pregnancy and how real it now is for us.

For the sake of young eyes and at my own risk of nausea, I'll spare you some of the more vivid details and just say that watching the informational videos on hand was, well, intense. That's right, men, labor and everything associated with it is not for the faint of heart.

Speaking of falling over, I guess I might actually have the opportunity to cut my daughter's umbilical cord. As we discussed that kind of scenario, I leaned over to my wife and asked if I should also bust out a bottle of champagne to christen the voyage. I'm not sure if I'll be mentally stable enough to cut the cord (F-Word, you remember the DUI video and the guy falling head-first into the wall?), but we'll just have to see.

To end the rambling, I'll conclude with a touching experience that I had near the end of our marathon instruction:
As we took a short tour of the maternity floor, we ended up looking into the nursery at all of the newbors (well, at least a few anyway) in their respective warming stations. One little child looked a tad underweight and was probably born premature. My first instinct was to (want to) pick the child up and make everything okay. It really made me melt to think that soon I'll have the opportunity to hold my own little girl in my arms.
Okay, men, you may now stop cocking your left eyebrow, and women you can hold off on the "awws." But seriously, all of the logistics aside, I'm getting super-excited for Maria to be here!


Mary said...

Oh....Daniel...em três mesas você a Pai!

Yes...nothing like parenting to change you in many, many ways....all for the best.

Thank you for sharing.
sua mâe

Steph said...

That is so cool! I'm sure that it was a really intense experience, and also really heartwarming. I can't wait to see your new little addition!! (And I'm glad, that unlike the ant in the picture, you only had to pick ONE name for now and now 1263 at once. haha)