Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smiele Gets His Shout Out

I can't remember which day of the week it was, but in it one "Great" Scott Miele approached me with puppy dog eyes and whimpered something to the tune of, "Geez dawg, can't I even get a shout out on your blog?" Quick thinking, I retorted, "Well hey, you didn't get bronchitis!" But Smiele, not to be out done, came back with this, "Yeah, but you even gave Cman a shout out."

Okay. I give in; Scotty, your wish is my command. In the interest of your personal dignity and corporate professionalism, I'll spare you the addition of the survey link that went with the picture to the right.

You may not have contracted bronchitis, but your surprise survey solution was certainly worthy enough to blog about. I hope that you score plenteous loads of data and that the reporting on the back end is robust enough for you to get pretty granular with it.

In fact, please let me know if you need to borrow my sawtooth as I don' think that Keith's daisy chain will do you much good.


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