Friday, January 2, 2009


Yes, young padawans, Christy and I now have two years in the saddle and one Maria in the oven.

It's hard to believe.

To celebrate, I made a reservation at The Roof on the top of the JSMB in down town Salt Lake next to the temple. It was a gorgeous sight. Unfortunately, we didn't take a camera with us . . . But in case you'd ever want to try it out, here's their promo video. Geez, and they didn't even pay me for this!

The Roof Video (I tried to embed this bad boy but couldn't figure it out; I think that TR doesn't want anyone generating unforeseen income for it.)

I'll let your mind wander in regards to the food. Let's just say that it was sumptuous and call it good.

As we arrived at our table, Christy was greeted by a bouquet of flowers I ordered for her (seen below). Needless to say, she was smiling.

After our gourmet experience, we made our way back down among the commoners to see the lights around Temple Square and experience the crisp, chilly air. It was a night to be remembered, in deed.

I'll spare you the parking and getting lost after every details. Just smile, laugh and pretend that it was hilarious.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be married to the best woman in the world!

Here are the pictures I promised you.

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Steph said...

Congratulations! You two are super cute :) and I love the flowers! Jon and I went to The Roof for our one year anniversary. It was awesome! And congrats again on the new baby to be!