Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is 25 My Magic Number?

"What the heck is this kid talking about?" you ask. No, I'm not talking about my upcoming birthday upon which I'll turn a quarter of a century.

I'm not talking about any kind of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, or even LeBron "King" James sort of gibberish either.

Yes, I'm talking about the number of law schools that I've applied to. "But you've already told us about all of this," you retort. Indeed I have, but in the past few days, I added the University of Connecticut and George Mason to my long and insanely complete list of schools I've queued.

"You never really explained what drove you mad enough to apply to such a nutrageous (which is, by the way, the CA's favorite candy bar at the moment) amount of law schools." In answer to your unspoken inquiry, I respond with the following: why not?

Yes, I (that is to say we) did have to throw a handsome sum of George Washingtons (the bills, not the school) to the wind, but I figure that if such a good natured gesture lands me at a Chicago or even a George Mason, it was money well spent.

Many years from now, I'll look back on this experience and chuckle. Yep, the meager amount of dough that I've divested myself of will be peanuts compared to even the most minor of legal positions. So in one sense, it was a very sound investment. In another, I'm just playing the numbers . . .

All of that said, still do keep your fingers crossed and your arms folded! While statistics is an abundant religion, I also need all the karma, prayers, and positive in-my-direction thinking I can get.


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Fletch said...

Perhaps you should consider a carrer in sales as you have so much faith in the "big numbers" way of thinking.