Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video Games: Bringing Spouses Together

Yes, most of you would probably assume that the wide, wide world of video games is ubiquitously used by men as clever escape from unpleasant confrontations such as in the image to the left.

However, for Yours Truly, it's as Deikembe Mutombo Mulombo Majumbo would put it, "Not in my house!" In other words, I use video games, not as an evasive maneuver, but as a means toward achieving Nirvana.

Honestly, how many men, single, dating, or happily married can legitimately claim to play video games with their significant other (I ain't talking about desperate teenage/college girls who will do anything to get a date) on a regular basis? Not many. This guy, on the other hand, has a wife who is sometimes more anxious to bust out the ole' Cube than he is!

As you embarked upon this intriguing blog post, you may have thought that I was going to submit a veritable remedy for all of your marital and feminine woes; sorry to burst your bubble. That's right, I'm basically blogging to gloat like the filthy villain that I am. I wish you merry gaming and may your significant other take as much pleasure in your second love as mine does . . .


Fletch said...

If this were sports, you'd get a penalty for taunting.

Cougar Abogado said...

Ah, the Fword talks to ME about taunting!

Take that, Rick Astley!!