Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Legal Dilemma . . .

Having applied to 27 different law schools, I figured that I would hopefully "have to" make a decision sometime.

Well, it's now official. I got an email yesterday from the University of Kentucky letting me know that I'm in.

I'm not too sure, though. Between full time at Kentucky and part time at UCONN, I'm really leaning toward the latter, principally because I think we would much rather live in CT than in KY and like 80% of UK graduates end up working in KY.

However, I'm still waiting to hear anything back from 18 different schools, so there might be some more decision making ahead . . . (hopefully).

I just wish I could know right now where we're in and where we're not, instead of having to wait forever. I really wouldn't mind just going to UCONN, so I'd like to have the queue end!

I'll keep you posted.

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