Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today's Spiritual Message: LDS Temples

There is often a lot of confusion about Latter-day Saint or Mormon temples.

Why do LDS have them? Are they worshiping Lucifer in there? Why are they so big and grandiose?

Aside from any rumors which you may have heard, let me sum up the significance of LDS temples: They are a place where families are sealed (joined) together forever through Jesus Christ. They are a place where men and women make sacred covenants with God to be righteous, upstanding individuals, and to do as He would have them do. They are a place where those seeking comfort and guidance will find refuge and direction. They are a place of peace. They are the house of God.

I've only scratched the surface, but I declare that these temples are holy structures, built for the purpose of ennobling mankind and of reconciling him with Deity. They have nothing to do with Lucifer (other than how to avoid him) and everything to do with Jesus Christ. The symbols therein all point to Christ. I declare Him to be the Son of God and the only source of true salvation in every sense of the word.

The following video clip is from President Boyd K. Packer, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He speaks about some of the work that goes on in the temple and how it is a place of refuge and guidance.

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Steph said...

Very nicely said :) I love the temple. The more I go, the more I learn about our Heavenly Father and his Eternal plan for us and feel comfort of the spirit that my life is on the right track.