Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Speech EVER

As in the past, I must give the F-Word credit where credit is due:

In like manner, I feel compelled to cross-post this diamond in the rough.  Enjoy!

If you're like me, at the end of this marvel you may still wonder if it's real.  So far as I can tell, it is.

If this enthusiastic gentleman is unable to capture the county treasury position, I think he's got a shot at being Lou Piniella's replacement for the Seattle Mariners (General Manager).  Make sure to read the third paragraph (with Bucknor).  Good times.


Barch said...

Sadly he didn't get the nomination.

Thanks for posting.

Cougar Abogado said...

Bummer. Watch out, MLB General Managers!

Pam said... I don't know what else to say! Valium anyone?

Teacher said...

Hmmm, reminds me of my photography teachers when I wouldn't agree with them.