Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google Docs (Finally) Updates Revision History Interface

Who changed everything!?!
Dang you, bmichael61!
Wahoo, finally, and yes!

For anyone who cares about seeing revision history, today's update begins to patch what I considered a gaping hole in Google Docs and in its collaboration appeal.

I can now see who did what and when, easily and by time stamp.  "You, won, we won, you won!" (my wife will appreciate the quote and the linked webpage's ingenuity . . .) (Hint: look at the heading at the top of the page)

Okay, back to collaborating with myself on Tax readings, etc.
So awesome, so so awesome (heck, it even uses my spiffy nickname!).  Do you like my IRS § 132 in Plain English?
I'm a little too old for this one; I can definitely see the use, though.


Fletch said...

I can't help it. Every time I see you get jazzed about google docs, I keep thinking how you will wind up using MS Office products once you get a job at a law firm.

Enjoy it while you can.

Cougar Abogado said...

"Soon [the desktop]'ll be dead and [MS] with [it]."

You respond, laughing, "Perhaps you refer to the emminent attack of your [Chrome OS]? Yes, I assure you, we are quite safe from [the cloud] here."

I counter, "Your overconfidence is your weakness."

You glower and say, "Your faith in [the cloud] is yours."


Christy said...

Hahaha, thanks for the HP quote. Anything that helps to keep me organized is great!