Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Survey: Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) Know Their Bible and Religion in General

Pew Survey Study.

Official LDS Newsroom reaction.

Hmm.  I find it ironic how many people think we either disbelieve the Bible or that we simply sweep it aside as unimportant.

As for why LDS scored so high on Bible questions in the survey, maybe it's because we're discussing the Old Testament every Sunday this year, for an hour? . . .  Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual.  Although, that fails to account for any questions on the New Testament.

For everyone saying this survey proves how atheists really know what they're doing, consider this Washington Post opinion from LDS managing director of Public Affairs, Michael Otterson.  Otterson, a former atheist, says, in part, "This Pew survey was structured to measure religious 'knowledge' at a rather shallow level," and the "study was about superficial knowledge, and not about religiosity or spirituality."


Fletch said...

Even if Moromon scored higher on the Bible its because the "other Jesus" helped them. Interesting stuff!

Christy said...

Interesting quiz. On the 5 question quiz I got 3 right. Yeah!