Saturday, September 11, 2010

Google Instant on Chrome

I think this feature is awesome (so far, at least).

It's essentially Google Instant (dynamic search results and websites appearing as or before I type) in my omnibox (address box).

Note that the search results appear in the "New Tab" page, rather than from

Yes, some pages can load and be distracting, if I'm absotively blunderous with my words, which I speak, and it takes me 10 seconds to figure out what to type.  Otherwise, I find it dead useful.  I love it.

So, how are you to win my fabulous prize?  Add the following command-line flag to your Chrome shortcut: --enable-match-preview (in Windows, right-click on the Chrome shortcut, select "Properties" and append the flag to the "Target" value text box).

Or get a preview of one of your favorite web pages before even clicking enter

Again, copy the following and paste it in the "Target" value text box:  --enable-match-preview


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