Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Patriarchal Blessing (Request) Tool and Beta LDS Newsroom

Church's new patriarchal blessing (request) tool
If you've read this blog a few times, you may have noticed I love emerging technologies.

A super-awesome technology emerging on the new LDS Church website is a tool for members to request a copy of their patriarchal blessing.  Members can also request copies of the blessings of direct-line ancestors.  This morning, for instance, and with a bit of detailed information, I requested a copy of my late father's blessing, and it will be post-mailed to me.

To access this feature, go to (or simply click the image above) and click on Tools>Patriarchal Blessing (as shown above).

I am thrilled to have this tool and be able to learn more about my ancestors and how the Lord personally counseled them.


Another roll-out I discovered with excitement this morning is the Church's updated newsroom.  I'm very impressed with how modern and professional it looks.  Click on the image below to visit the site for yourself.

Church's updated newsroom

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Christy said...

Thanks for keeping up to date with all of the new church website materials! <3